Introduction to Major Restorative Dental Procedures

Restorative dental care attempts to restore your dental health and brings back your smile confidence. The approach takes various therapeutic approaches to repair an area of tooth decay or replace missing or worn out teeth. Today we will help you to understand 4 major restorative dental techniques of top concerns. But first, let us know how significant therapeutic dental procedures are:

• Helps in proper teeth aligning by filing empty teeth spaces in the mouth
• Helps improve your health, appearance, and self-esteem
• Replacing teeth helps improve oral care by discouraging plague build-up and associated problems

Major Restorative Dental Procedures

1. Filling Options
The process is subject to people with cavity problems. This treatment involves removal of decay by a dentist and then fill the tooth with fillings options of either porcelain, gold, silver amalgam or tooth-coloured plastic or composite porcelain.Crowns
2. A crown is a tooth cap. These are made in the lab by specialists then capped over the patient’s teeth for strengthening. This is ideal for patients with broken teeth or cavities.Bridges
3. A dental bridge fills a gap missing a tooth. It has a crown on the ends anchoring an artificial tooth connecting the crown and filling the space. A bridge keeps your natural teeth from moving out of place. Dental implants
4. A dental implant is used in place of missing a tooth. An implant features a metal anchor and a false tooth. It looks and feels like the rest of the teeth

Taking care of your restorative dental work
• Brush twice a day
• Do not chew on hard or sticky foods
• Use antibacterial mouthwash to discourage plague and bacteria around remedial dentistry work
• Floss around your teeth, crowns, bridges, and dental implants every day


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