Teeth Falling Out: Causes and Treatment Options

It is normal for children to have their teeth falling out. Actually, it signals a rite of passage where they shed their milk teeth and grow new teeth. However, loose teeth in adolescents and adults are no longer considered as a normal incident. By the time you reach adolescence, you ought to have permanent teeth that should hold in place for a lifetime.

If you have loose teeth, visit drHomeDoctorsPerth to learn if they can help with your dental problem. You should also consult a dentist who should, in turn, save your tooth, remove the loose tooth/teeth or replace the tooth with a dental implant.

Causes of Teeth Falling Out in Adults                

Teeth in young adults do not fall out on their own. There must be a cause behind the loss of one or more teeth. The most notable cause of loose teeth is poor dental hygiene. Other causes of teeth loosening include :-                   

1. Periodontitis (Gum Disease)                 

Gum disease is caused by poor oral hygiene causing gums infections and inflammation. If plaque is not removed when brushing and flossing, it can cause gum infection because plaque harbors bacteria. If the plaque remains in place, it hardens to form tartar. Tartar causes the gums to pull away from the teeth causing one to have receding gums. The resulting effect of receding gums is loose teeth. Symptoms of gum disease are red, soft gums that have swollen and may be painful.                 

2. Pregnancy Causes Loose Teeth                

Increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in expectant mothers has an effect on tissues and bones in the mother’s oral cavity. Expectant people should see a dentist if they feel one or more of their teeth loosening.                 

3. Impact on Teeth                

Healthy teeth should hold perfectly in place but a blow to the face or impact may cause damage to teeth and tissue holding the teeth in place.                

4. Osteoporosis Disease                

This is a disease that causes bones to weaken and become porous. If this disease spreads to the jaws, it may cause ones teeth to fall out.                   

Treatment for Falling Out Teeth           

teeth falling out

Root planing and scaling. The dentist performs a deep cleaning procedure intended to reverse the effects of gum disease.             

– Mouth rinse medication. The dentist may prescribe a mouth rinse medication to help fight bacterial infection in the patient’s oral cavity.          

Surgery to remove infected gum and bone that has been affected by gum disease             

– Dental bridge             

– Dental implant             

Bone and soft tissue grafts (gum grafts).          

To prevent oneself from losing teeth, one must maintain good oral hygiene.

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