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How to deal with a cracked baby tooth

A cracked tooth is when a crack starting from the biting surface of the tooth heading down the root and damages the inner tissues of the tooth.

A cracked tooth is when a crack starting from the biting surface of the tooth heading down the root and damages the inner tissues of the tooth. A cracked baby tooth is caused by various issues which include, blow to their mouth when playing, chewing hard foods, biting the ground too hard. When a crack occurs you can notice as they will have difficulties when chewing, sensitivity to heat or cold. The emergency dentists near Brisbane often see children with cracked teeth. Visit their clinic if you or your children experience a dental emergency. There are ways that you can deal with the cracked baby tooth.

You should remain calm. Cracking of tooth is common in babies and therefore you need to calm your nerves and handle the situation without panic. Depending on their age let them feel self-conscious about their tooth and deal with the problem soon enough.  

Call your dentist. Check if your baby is in pain and get in touch with Available Dental Care in Campbelltown, NSW and calmly explain what has happened. The dentist will give you instructions on how to handle the situation hence, ensure you follow them carefully before you get to schedule an appointment. 

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Clean the cracked baby tooth. Rinse the baby’s mouth with clean cold water to get rid of tiny tooth particles sticking in the mouth and this will prevent further complications. After cleaning apply some cold compress on the face to prevent swelling. 

Offer some pain reliefs. In case the pain still persist after the cracking incident and rinsing with cold water, consider providing some pain relief to ease the pain. When you aren’t sure how to administer the medication to your baby consult your dentist to give you the correct dosage level depending on the age of the baby. 

Watch the baby closely. After the tooth has cracked, the damage may appear later, therefore you need to keep a close eye on the child to check if the tooth is changing its color and the gum isn’t being infected by the crack.  When a tooth crack you need to have a plan. Also, ensure you consult Emergency Dentist Perth DR on the best option for the tooth treatment so as to help your baby live and deal with the cracked tooth.

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