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Are Clear Teeth Aligners For Everyone? (7 Signs To Get One)

Many aesthetic reasons can be connected with having dentistry procedures. Yet, medical reasons for restoring missing or misaligned teeth are the leading causes of treatments. Dr David from Sydney Dental Group in Baulkham Hills talks about the available treatments for people whose desire is to chew and eat properly. But, a person may have to look beyond traditional braces. Clear teeth aligners are one of the best products to avail for a cleaner and healthier mouth.

People can complain about the challenges of having a mouth that is unpleasant to open when talking. Many aesthetic reasons can be connected with having dentistry procedures. Yet, medical reasons for restoring missing or misaligned teeth are the leading causes of treatments. Dr David from Sydney Dental Group in Baulkham Hills talks about the available treatments for people whose desire is to chew and eat properly. But, a person may have to look beyond traditional braces. Clear teeth aligners are one of the best products to avail for a cleaner and healthier mouth. Know more about the essentials of knowing when to get your Invisalign or clear aligners from a professional and specialized dentist.


Dental Disease Is A Global Problem

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are millions of people that still don’t have access to oral health care services. Furthermore, around 3.5 billion people also suffer from dental diseases. Ischemic heart disease, the highest illness that kills people every day, is closely related to poor hygiene. Physical hygiene includes brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash. With these facts in mind, it is valuable to look at health care in all aspects. Mainly, people that have crooked and misaligned teeth without wearing clear teeth aligners are vulnerable to teeth and gum diseases. Moreover, severe periodontal disease contributes to the risk factors of ischemic heart disease. Disruption on the person’s constant blood flow can put your life in danger. 


Clear Teeth Aligners For A Better, Healthier Smile

Essential dentistry work can prevent symptoms of cavities, plaque, and other types of disease. However, a person having difficulties in their oral health may have to look for advanced and sophisticated solutions. A clear teeth aligner is one of the dental technologies that aims to both have an aesthetic but functional treatment for people’s orthodontic issue. Aligners and retainers are made of either plastic or acrylic, which adjusts and shifts a person’s crowded teeth. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are comfortable and easy to wear. They are also removable and don’t have rubber or plastic bands that can be difficult to adjust with. Lastly, clear teeth retainers are washable and may prevent tooth decay or decalcification. 


When Do Patients Wear Clear Teeth Aligners?

Clear Teeth Aligners 7 Signs To Get One

Malocclusion leads to an improper bite. Several people with an underbite or an overbite can expect to have orthodontic procedures like braces, retainers, implants, or dentures. Depending on the person’s X-ray examination results, retainers can be placed on both the upper and lower teeth. However, people may have severe crossbites and crowding issues. That said, the cost of paying for orthodontic treatments may vary due to this reason. The best benefit that dental patients want to look for is the accuracy of having their teeth restoration. An aligner like Invisalign is made of digital dentistry technology through Computer Aided Manufacturing/Computer Aided Design. Here are six signs when to wear clear teeth aligners for patients who may get a bit of orthodontist advice. 

  • If their bite is complicated – mild to moderate overbites/underbites/crossbites
  • Early signs of speech problems – lisp, tongue ties
  • Crooked teeth make cavities consistent – higher risk of disease
  • Patients want accurate treatment – 3D and CAD/CAM printingBreathing problems that contribute to other medical conditions
  • Clear aligners are ideal after braces for teens and young adults
  • Until teeth start to become straighter and correct, new clear aligners


Are Aligners The Best For Orthodontic Treatments?

A patient’s dental solution may not be as affordable as other alignment and straightening methods. Hence, if a person wants to consider invisible aligners, it may be best to read reviews which can help straighten your smile. Besides, clear or invisible aligners may only treat little gaps for straightening in between teeth and gums. Malocclusion can also become complicated, and the impression of teeth can require dentures or even metal implants. You may also do a series of prior orthodontic treatment for a straighter and manageable oral health concern. A patient should always check their local dental office for available 2020 dentistry treatments that suit them the most.


When Should People NOT Wear Clear Teeth Aligners?

Most people that desire to have their crooked teeth straightened are usually teens and young adults. However, people may not be eligible to wear clear teeth aligners due to medical and dental reasons. Patients who are under 18 years old or don’t have a mature (permanent) set of teeth need to wait until their teeth can hold aligners like Invisalign properly. Also, pregnant women, seniors or older adults may have limitations in wearing any orthodontic appliance. Included in this list are young children, toddlers, and of course, infants. 


Don’t wear it for less or more than the required hours

Putting your aligners for more than what the required hours can change the way your teeth is shaping. At the same time, people who skip wearing the device may have to add an additional month or two to see the results. 


When eating or drinking 

Being careful with your restoration process can be easy to do. Yet, neglect and forgetfulness of removing your clear aligners before any meal can be damaging. Maintaining your clear aligners can be difficult. Especially if you drink hot coffee or eat soup. It is essential to remove your clear aligners before drinking or eating to avoid paying more for a replacement. Some insurance companies may cover the costs. Nevertheless, put your clear aligners on sterilized trays. 


Don’t wear if you haven’t brushed your teeth

Clear Teeth Aligners

A dentist is also firm when it comes to dental hygiene. Notably, people who wear aligners may still be prone to dental disease, especially if their clear aligners aren’t free from bacteria. You may even increase the risk of having periodontal diseases if your custom aligners are full of dirt and bacteria. Prevent your infection by following simple steps that your general dentist can offer every oral care session.


People With No Commitment To Dental Health Routines

Automatically, people who can’t commit to cleaning the orthodontic appliances may have to skip wearing aligners altogether. Dentists always require their patients to be responsible for their dental health. 

Dr. Kim

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Kim has distinguished his dentistry as a unique blend of science and art.

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