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Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening: A Popular Whitening Treatment

Philips Zoom! teeth whitening is one of the dental treatments that can bring out the beauty of your smile. View the procedure here and prepare yourself for the treatment.

With modern technology and advanced research nowadays, having healthier and brighter teeth is possible. Philips zoom teeth whitening is one of the dental treatments that can bring out the beauty of your smile. You can also view the procedure here and prepare yourself for the treatment.


What Is Zoom Whitening All About?

Zoom Whitening is a product of teeth whitening or bleaching technique done inside the dental clinic, and Philips zoom teeth whitening is one of them. It brags of being able to brighten the most stained or discolored teeth within an hour. You simply need to go through the entire process on the dentist chair, wait it out, and there you are! Your teeth are now whiter.

Like any other zoom whitening product, Philips zoom teeth whitening is mostly the speed of the outcomes that separates it from other in-office teeth whitening methods. Philips zoom teeth whitening likewise has redeveloped its peroxide gel to be more secure and less inclined to the notorious tooth sensitivity result existing in all teeth whitening treatments.

Uses Ultraviolet Light

The zoom whitening product is a professional whitening treatment used by the dentist. The key to the bleaching accomplishment of this teeth whitening procedure starts from its whitening gel or bleaching that gets applied barely enough ultraviolet light. For this process, it causes your enamel gleam to whiten when all is said and done. It functions the same way laundry bleach causes your white clothes whiter through the influence of the sun. The intensity of ultraviolet light can do wonders with your teeth as it washes in the bleaching gel solution.


Eight Shades of White

Unlike home whitening treatment, Philips zoom teeth whitening can get your teeth up to eight shades whiter than before. It is likewise commonly more reliable than, for instance, a home whitening product like those commercial whitening strips since you are letting a dentist handle the entire professional whitening treatment. Your dentist knows best and will not commit errors when applying the gel.


Addressing Criticisms

A smaller number of individuals says that they are not dazzled with the aftereffects of Zoom Whitening. The larger part considers the professional whitening treatment as justified, despite all the trouble. Those individuals who were frustrated with these teeth whitening method say the guaranteed outcome did not convey as advertised. Zoom Whitening has addressed the reactions by switching up their gel formula for the better. Besides, tooth staining can happen again even after your teeth have been brightened.


Regarding Tooth Sensitivity

Since Zoom whitening treatment uses a bleaching process that can thin out the enamel causing teeth sensitivity, Philips zoom teeth whitening product assures teeth security now more than ever. This kind of professional whitening is one of the premier teeth whitening brands that are striving to push the innovation in the correct direction when it comes to disposing of the tooth sensitivity result.


Zoom Reliably Whitens

The dentist uses ultraviolet light to complete the teeth whitening procedure.

Zoom provides a fair jump regarding teeth whitening, yet it takes care not to misinterpret its claims to abstain from being misdirecting with its marketing. All things considered; it would be best if you do not anticipate Zoom to brighten discolored teeth to turn into as white as paper; however, it will work somehow. This professional whitening treatment will vary from patient to patient. Several components can influence the effectiveness of Zoom, after all. There are additionally specific kinds of teeth staining, like those inside the dentin, that cannot be tended to by enamel bleaching or any home whitening.


The New Zoom Gel and Is Much Safer

In particular, Philips zoom teeth whitening gel has been reformulated to avoid the side effects of teeth sensitivity as much as possible. This professional whitening has led to more fulfilled clients with fewer complaints in regards to a sensitive tooth after the technique. Similarly, root canal or endodontic treatment used to gain a reputation for having a patient in extreme pain following the surgery. Yet currently are prestigious for their painlessness, so also has Zoom developed to turn out to be a lot more secure than before.


Who are the candidates for Zoom Whitening?

You can be a candidate for Zoom Whitening if you fulfil the following prerequisites. Else, you may wish to search for different strategies of cosmetic dentistry or teeth reclamation to address your stained teeth.


You Need Non-Reestablished Teeth with No Fillings and Solid Gums

The issue with tooth repairs is the shade of veneer, filling, or crown. Utilizing them to reestablish it will not get whitened with the help of bleaching,

although it has the ability to whiten the enamel. It would only be best if you have a healthy gum. Or else, the gel may fuel your preexisting gum disease on your sensitive gums that have a persistent infection.


You Should not Have Sensitive Teeth and Gums

Concerning the gums, it is for a similar reason that you should not have any forms of gum infections when your teeth whitened. Strong gums are more equipped for falling off unharmed from the technique. Additionally, if you have gum disease, you are only pushing your luck by bleaching already delicate teeth with Zoom since teeth whitening uses peroxide gel that can cause tooth sensitivity. Nevertheless, its hard work to wipe out tooth sensitivity can be complicated or else worsen the present condition.


You Should not Have a Peroxide Allergy

man with white teeth

In case you have a peroxide allergy, it is a bad idea to go through this tooth whitening method that explicitly utilizes peroxide. After all, Philips zoom teeth whitening does not include eliminating its active ingredient of peroxide even though it has a reformulation of its gel to be more secure than before. Without a proper dental checkup, you could end up with more side effects than merely tooth sensitivity such as inflamed gums, swelling and redness in the mouth areas.


It would help if you were not Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Going through Zoom Whitening treatment can be hazardous to the unborn baby, so expectant mother should abstain from having their teeth brightened while carrying an infant regardless of what term the child is in. This condition is likewise the situation with breastfeeding since even with the use of the gum shield to protect the gums from peroxide exposure, you can never be too certain and the peroxide may go through the framework and into the milk of the nursing mother.


What’s more?

Philips zoom teeth whitening product can also use as home whitening if you want to whiten your own teeth. However, it would be best to have a dental checkup and contact your dentist to have the proper and safe use of this modern technology. Once you have this at home, just don’t forget the instructions of your dentist on how often to wear the trays, how long you should leave them on for and when you can expect to achieve your desired result. Grab all the benefits of cosmetic dentistry by discussing with your practitioner about all the availble facial cosmetic enhancements.

Dr. Kim

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Kim has distinguished his dentistry as a unique blend of science and art.

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