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Dental Tourism (Is It Worth Undergoing Treatments Abroad?)

Dental tourism is a fast-growing field of medical tourism. It, basically, revolves around individuals venturing out to foreign countries to get cheaper dental care. Thailand is one of the most prominent tourist destinations for travel pleasure and medical options. So, is it worth it to go to Thailand for surgeries? Let’s find out in this article.

Are you planning to go to another country to get surgery? Or are you going for a vacation and thinking of getting dental treatment as well? Dental tourism is a fast-growing field of medical tourism. It, basically, revolves around individuals venturing out to foreign countries to get cheaper dental care. Thailand is one of the most prominent tourist destinations for travel pleasure and medical options. They have more affordable expenses and great tourist spots like their beautiful beaches and unique cultures. So, is it worth it to go to Thailand for surgeries? Let’s find out in this article.


What is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism is a subset of the medical tourism area. It refers to going to an alternate country for dental care. Affordability of procedure is one of the fundamental reasons patients go to a different country for dental care.

Here are the following reasons why dental care in some nations is more affordable than in others. These include:

    • lower fixed expenses
    • lower work costs
    • lower insurance expenses
    • less government intervention

Furthermore, according to Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) Magazine, here are the most advertised destinations for medical tourism, particularly for dental tourists. These include:

  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  •  Argentina
  •  Malaysia
  •  Thailand


Some people go a long way for a different dental strategy like bridges, crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, and cosmetic dentistry. Dental offices may also provide international patients free airport and hotel moves to the facility. Here are the following reasons why individuals go to a different country for cosmetic surgery and dental procedures. These include:

  •  Privacy
  •  Lower costs
  •  Specific methods may only be accessible abroad
  •  Opportunity to discover another country


Thailand: Is the Best Choice for Medical Tourism?

Thailand is the most visited nation in Southeast Asia. It is a center of blasting the multi-billion-dollar medical tourism industry. Tourists worldwide travel there for the rich tropical climate, wonderful beaches, great food, and amazing, affordable massages. Each year there are 15,000 Australians who go to Thailand to go through a reasonable cosmetic surgical procedure. These medical procedures include liposuction, nose surgery, and breast augmentation.

The pretty woman enjoys the sunny climate on the beach.Dental tourism is also very mainstream in Thailand. The nation has a portion of the world’s best medical services, which stay entirely affordable. You will likewise discover general and specialty dental services for incredibly low costs. Tourist compared their expense rate back home. Their savings range from 40% to 80%. Thailand’s huge tourism appeal brands this land especially attractive to travelers who wish to join the savings enjoyed on dental treatment with admiring an exceptional trip.


Dental Implants in Bangkok, Thailand 

Many tourists stated that medical services in Thailand are affordable, safe, and convenient. And one popular medical service in Thailand is their dental care and treatment, such as dental implants.

Dental implants are an artificial post that the dentist positions through surgery directly into the jawbone underneath the gums. This area in the gums is generally on the tooth attachment of a lately removed tooth. This procedure provides the implant an essential benefit over dentures in terms of being as close as possible to real teeth and their placement into the jawbone. After the dentist placed them, they can put replacement teeth such as a bridge or crown over the dental implants.

More than 60 establishments in the world are accountable for manufacturing or making dental implants. They are also responsible for dental restorations’ resources that the dentists place on top of these fake tooth anchors. It is undoubtedly a significant business in the dental industry. Along these lines, dentists have quite a handful of selections for the appropriate dental treatment for their patients and each one’s unique dental condition. This situation permits them to be more adaptable with regards to performing 21st-century dental implant dentistry.


Advantages of Looking for Dental Treatment Abroad

There are numerous advantages of dental tourism. The first one has an opportunity to get some complex dental procedures at way lower value rates than in your own country.

Another potential gain to the pricing arrangement is its transparency. Several clinics will offer you the estimated price of the procedure up front.

Dental facilities associated with dental tourism can frequently be more caring and mindful towards foreign customers. They can also give an excellent assistance, using the best resources, since their most goal is to satisfy and refer them to your friends back home.

Furthermore, there is no waiting. The clinics will change their schedules to your arrangements so that you can exploit the time spent in their country. Of course, we should not disregard extraordinary tourist experiences, connecting with local culture, visiting restaurants and attractions, and other thrilling activities that your destination offers.


The Risks of Dental Tourism

It would be a great help to consider knowing some risks of going outside your country for your surgical treatment and dental care. Sometimes, the dangers far exceed any advantages. Less expensive dental care and more affordable procedures like dental implant seem tempting. However, the real value of dental tourism may be more costly than you think. The following are some of the risks you should know about before you proceed to go.


Dental Standards and Language Barriers

Since you are in a foreign land, you will surely experience language barriers and different dental standards. Infections control standards can differ depending on the country. Also, there is a higher chance for miscommunication, especially if the patients go to a country where they do not speak the same language.

Germs and Bacteria

When you visit different countries, you expose yourself to bacteria and pathogens that your body may not have had contact with previously. Mostly, hand-washing and being careful about what you eat and drink can protect you from these germs. However, deciding on medical or dental systems in another nation could leave you in danger. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical tourism can increase your odds of getting antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Even the water utilized in dental methods can cause you sick if you have no resistance to the disease-carrying organisms in it.

Recovery Problems

Most dental strategies are safe, yet there are instances when a complex recovery can impede even little techniques. Going for dental treatment expands your danger for healing issues, mainly if you choose to travel while still recuperating. The CDC cautions that surgical procedures in foreign countries can lead to blood clots when traveling home, while contamination can make you too sick.

No Insurance

The couple enjoys their vacation in a different country.

Most dental insurance will help you to pay for some or all of your visits. Unfortunately, that similar inclusion will probably not extend to out-of-country dentists, except if the stay is an emergency. Inquire about your insurance coverage before you proceed to have a trip. This may be more affordable to get your dental work done by a dentist you trust in your country than paying cash-based for dental work outside the country.

Medical and Dental History

Your dentist has detailed information of your medical and dental history and uses that record to settle on choices about your medical and dental care. Whether you are sensitive to some instruments or drugs or have had treatments done before, your dental history makes up a mind-boggling puzzle that your dentist utilizes to keep you safe. While taking an interest in dental tourism, the dentist you have may perform your desire treatment. Without medical and dental history, you could have a less compelling and even risky experience.

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With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Kim has distinguished his dentistry as a unique blend of science and art.

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