Tooth Extraction Bleeding

Tooth extraction is the process of pulling of a tooth to prevent tooth decay from affecting the other teeth. Cavities may spread if an affected tooth will stick around so it is better to have it extracted. Most of the times, you might not know it until you have a toothache. If you are experiencing a toothache, visit online to know what to do to ease your tooth pain.       

Once your tooth extraction is done, it’s time for you to start the healing process. There are people who seem to handle tooth extraction as if nothing happens. However, there are bleeders out there and it is best to ensure to stop the bleeding as soon as possible so that you can enjoy eating once again after just a day or two.       

How to stop tooth extraction bleeding faster?       

1. Bite the cotton or gauze pad    

After the dentist extracted your tooth, there will be cotton that will be placed in that area. Bite it gently and leave it there to stop your gums from bleeding a lot.       

2. Relax after the extraction    

Keep yourself relaxed after the procedure so that your blood flow will return back to its normal flow.       

3. Apply cold compress    

tooth extraction bleeding

Put an ice bag to the affected area to avoid swelling. If you are not one of the bleeder type, it’s time to treat yourself for a popsicle stick since you can already eat. The coldness of ice or frozen stuff can help with the swelling as well as the bleeding.       

4. Take your medication    

The dentist will prescribe medication to avoid pain and discomfort. Just follow the medication and you will be on your way to a fast recovery.       

5. Go for a soft diet    

It is not advised to eat your usual dishes especially if it needs chewing it a lot. Try to stick with soup for the meantime to avoid forcing your gum and make it bleed again. Wait for a couple of days to ensure that your extraction wound is totally healed before eating hard food again.

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