What happens when teeth implant fail?

Implants are manufactured devices that are placed surgically in the lower or upper jaw where they function as anchors. Rarely are they informed of the risks and counseled on the failure rates. But the surgeons of tooth implants in Sydney warn about the risks. Accordingly, the success rate of implants is around 90-95%. While there’s a 5-10% chances that teeth implant fail. The success of the implant is related to operator skill and quantity of the bone available. The implants are not prone to dental caries but they can develop periodontal condition if oral hygiene is not followed. Some of the symptoms when teeth implant fail include:

There are a number of factors that lead to an increased risk of dental implant failures such as smoking, poor hygienic habits, contaminated implant, poorly designed prosthetic tooth, improper implant placement, and poor bone quality. Conditions such as poorly controlled diabetes, congenital disorders, and bisphosphonate medications increase the rate of implant failure. Implants can fail early in the healing process or late.

implant fail

So what happens after teeth implant fail? Contact your dentist to determine the cause of the failure. The treatment will depend on why it failed. You can gently clean the area if your implant is infected before receiving additional treatment. Implants are only placed where the bone is dense enough to support another implant. You may need a bone graft to secure the implant if your bone is damaged. The process will require more time for the area to heal before performing more procedures. There are remedial treatments that can be implemented in cases where the patient immune system rejects the implant. It’s important to find the right surgeon and restorative dentist. Visiting your dentist regularly is crucial. In addition, keeping up good oral hygiene will prevent infections.

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