Can Sinus Infection Cause Front Tooth Pain Under Nose?

If you’re having pain in your front teeth, or in the spot just above them straight under your nose, you may not have a tooth-related problem. It may be due to sinus infection. In fact, even a bad head cold can cause a sensation of pain and pressure in this area. For more information, the Rhinoplasty_Perth_clinic explains sinus causing toothache.    

Sinuses are air cavities in the bones of the face, connected to the nasal cavity. You have several different sinuses located in different areas, such as on your forehead, over your cheekbones, and deep to your nose. It’s the sinuses over your cheekbones, called the maxillary sinuses that may be responsible for front tooth pain under the nose.    

Sinusitis, or sinus infection, occurs when bacteria enter the sinuses and cause an infection there, leading to pain, stuffiness, and other symptoms. This can occur suddenly, or acutely, usually after a cold or flu, or it may be a chronic, long-term process. Acute sinusitis may cause a fever, bad breath, a runny nose, and painful cheekbones that are worse sitting up than lying down. Chronic sinusitis may cause a cough, fluctuating pain over your cheekbones, and sinus tooth pain.    

front tooth pain under nose

When you get sinusitis, fluid builds up in the sinus cavities near your front teeth, causing pressure and pain that is felt in the front teeth or the area just under your nose. Sinus tooth pain usually feels like a dull ache. You may also notice your front teeth feel sensitive when chewing.    

If your doctor thinks your front tooth pain is due to a sinus infection, they may prescribe you a course of antibiotics, or give you antihistamines to relieve your pain. Remember, your front tooth pain may be due to a sinus problem, but even if you think it is, gets treated by a dentist to make sure you don’t have broken damaged teeth or gum disease.

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