Gum Reshaping After Braces

So you finally get your braces off, after many months or years, you can finally have that perfect smile that you have been waiting for! You look into the mirror and smile and notice that your teeth look amazing but there is still something amiss. You see that your teeth look beautiful but now being that your braces are gone you can see that there are imperfections in your gums. Because you have waited a long time for your perfect smile, it can be frustrating looking at misshapen gums but you should not worry because of gum reshaping! Yes, you can have gum reshaping after braces!

Gum reshaping (or gum contouring) is a procedure your dentist can perform to fix your gums. Your gums could be too high/too low, uneven and giving the appearance that your teeth are either too big/small or even crooked. You definitely don’t want that after spending all that time (and money) on braces.

The appearance of your gums is usually caused by genetics, other health issues or prescription drugs can be a factor too. Gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure that is not medically necessary.

Some reasons for gum contouring include…

-Overgrowth of gums
Recession of gums
-Misshapen or uneven gums

Gum shaping can help with…

-Size of teeth
-Shape of teeth
-Length of the upper lip and how often the lip moves
-How much tissue is displayed

The procedure is usually performed at your dentist’s office with a local anaesthetic. Your dentist will then use tools, lasers or radiosurgery to either add to or remove parts of your gums. Healing takes around a few days or weeks and you can expect your gums to be sore during that time. Taking pain relievers and eating softer/cooler foods will aid in the recovery. Avoid eating anything too spicy or foods with small seeds during the healing process as you don’t want to irritate your gums further.

So don’t worry, gum contouring is a great option if you aren’t happy with your smile, even after braces. Make sure you speak with your dentist to get all available information.


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