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Many of these orthodontic treatments can even reduce time and save money with their effectiveness. You may even look at the comparison of these two orthodontic treatments, Invisalign and braces and check out how each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. One thing’s for sure, challenges on how to safely keep these orthodontic tools and sterilize them need innovation as well.

Besides the steep overall cost of orthodontic braces, the process of teeth straightening using braces is a complicated procedure. Due to this, there is an increasing rise and use of DIY braces for teeth. Orthodontics require trained professionals who know how to move and align the teeth in the correct position in the jawline. DIY braces made from materials such as rubber bands, hair elastics, dental floss, paper clips and glue for teeth straightening at home is a practice that is associated with a lot of risks and complications since it does not involve a trained professional.

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