Your toddler chipped a front tooth?

Young children go through a stage in their lives where they are clumsy and fall a lot. Because of this, your young one can have one or two chipped teeth as a result. If you googled “toddler chipped front tooth” then you came to the right place. Read more to know if a dentist that can visit your toddler at home.


Should you be worried?

Chipped teeth are not a threat to overall health, but they can cause complications for young children who have not yet mastered speech. It can also cause dental problems because these small children would not know the proper way of brushing yet. As a parent, you cannot be 100% sure if the chipped tooth is only slightly damaged or if the sensitive inner part of the tooth has been exposed because of the damage. 


Visit a dentist to know for sure

The best thing to do would be to visit a pediatric dentist. Little children would not be able to sit still for fillings if they are needed. A pediatric dentist will know how to handle young children in these cases and they would be able to administer the treatment needed by your child.


You might be thinking that a visit to the dentist would be unnecessary because that chipped tooth will fall out and eventually be replaced with a permanent one. While that is true, keeping the damaged tooth there might be a painful ordeal for your child. They might not be capable of expressing the toothache they feel. On top of this, a damaged tooth can still be susceptible to infection, and this is something a dentist can treat.


Encourage good home dental care

No matter how young your child is, they should be aware that taking care of teeth is very important. Children should be encouraged to brush at least twice a day. If your child had the chipped tooth filled in, keep in mind that more decay can occur around and on the filling. Supervise how your children would brush, and teach them how to do it correctly to form good oral hygiene habits.

toddler chipped a front tooth

Look out for signs of abscess

You should be vigilant and look out for these telltale signs to prevent the abscess from spreading to the other muscles in the face or cause more serious conditions like blindness and even brain damage.


When your child tells you they have facial pain. If your child complains about pain on their face, it might mean that the chipped tooth is infected. Check the area for redness or pus.


Swelling and fever. These are signs that an infection might be growing on the chipped tooth.


Bleeding inside the mouthIf there is unexplained bleeding it can be a sign of an abscess.


Interrupted sleep. The pain can be one of the reasons why your child would wake up in the middle of the night.


If you have a child that has had their tooth chipped, and you notice any one of these signs, contact your dentist to get emergency treatment as soon as possible for your child.


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