The importance of public health policy

We may have thought less about the importance of public health policy of our country and more about what happens in our day-to-day lives. We thought that our economic status is more significant than thinking about our country’s welfare. However, it is time for us to dig deeper in our society’s interest and well-being that public health is ensuring, and tackle how health policy in under developed countries thrive to bring the best in their nation’s safety and security.

An overview of public health

From the get-go, we view public health as our government’s responsibility to maintain and improve our country’s health and safety, particularly the essentials in life: water, food, and shelter. We associate public health with community health workers and other social welfare volunteers who devote their precious time and effort to ensure that the poor population gets the chance to sustain their living. But what really is the concept of public health and why is it so important?

Public health is not a branch of medicine or a department in the government. Public health is a discipline that focuses on the community’s health and welfare, may it be about child welfare and development, disease prevention, disaster relief, and outreach, access to free healthcare, and education through health seminars and training.

Importance of public health

You may think that public health is the least of your priorities, until disaster strikes. Public health is important because it focuses on the welfare of not just one individual or group of people, but the whole community. So in times when the nation’s safety is at risk, a strong public health policy makes sure that the community’s well-being is safeguarded. As a matter of fact, we may not see this every day, but our country’s public health initiatives have a huge impact on our nation’s improved livelihood and life expectancy.

Things you need to know about public health

Public health focuses on preventative means. Government officials who are part of building public health policies and initiatives think of ways about disease prevention, immunizations, health teachings and seminars, and other programs to educate and spread awareness on how to prevent health hazards and risks. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

public health policyPublic health workers. There are many responsibilities that public health workers handle. They are not just volunteers or normal people who would want to make a change. Public health workers are epidemiologists, doctors, environmentalists, occupational health and safety officers, educators, researchers, and so many other professionals who work together to meet a common goal, and that is to provide safety and improved health to everyone.

Public health policies and initiatives can be customized. The initiatives and programs of the government mainly focus on the country’s needs. Prioritization of tasks and policies depend on the country’s demand for health and safety. For example, if the country is prone to have earthquakes, its public health policies will focus on that instead of giving vaccinations.

Let us give importance not only to our personal welfare but on the health and safety of our country. Help spread awareness and make it a habit to involve yourself in public health programs and initiatives.

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