The Dangers of DIY Braces for Teeth

Besides the steep overall cost of orthodontic braces, the process of teeth straightening using braces is a complicated procedure. Due to this, there is an increasing rise and use of DIY braces for teeth. Orthodontics require trained professionals who know how to move and align the teeth in the correct position in the jawline. DIY braces made from materials such as rubber bands, hair elastics, dental floss, paper clips and glue for teeth straightening at home is a practice that is associated with a lot of risks and complications since it does not involve a trained professional.

The dangers of DIY braces for teeth include;

Teeth loss as a result of root resorption
There is an increased risk of teeth lose when using DIY braces. This occurs because of the excess pressure exerted by the rubber bands tied on to the teeth that alters tooth ligaments causing teeth roots to be absorbed and get dissolved into the body. This weakens teeth stability causing otherwise healthy teeth to fall off.

Increased risk of developing gum infections
Trying to straighten teeth using DIY braces can cause soft tissue injuries associated with bleeding and ulcerations on the gums. This increases the risks of having a bacterial infection leading to gingivitis, a gum disease. If not treated early, gingivitis can advance to a more serious gum infection disease known as periodontitis which can eventually lead to teeth loss.
The use of non-sterile equipment and materials can also introduce infections micro-organisms into the mouth causing infection, abscess formation, teeth bone loss and excessive pain which can prompt tooth extraction.

diy braces for teeth

Enamel destruction
Using materials such as paper clips to align teeth can destroy the enamel, which is the protective covering of a tooth, by scratching it off. This can lead to increased tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and even discoloration.

Altered speech
This occurs when teeth move out of place to the unintended position. This eventually leads to misalignment of both the upper and lower jaw affecting how an individual speaks.

Other life-threatening complications
Use of DIY braces can also cause other medical complications that an individual never experienced before such as muscle spasms, teeth clenching and grinding, and even emotional stress that alters mental health.
Therefore, DIY braces for teeth are not recommended because of the dangers they pose. There are safer alternatives which can be provided by a trained professional reducing the risks of restorative repairs and associated costs.

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