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Implants are manufactured devices that are placed surgically in the lower or upper jaw where they function as anchors. Rarely are they informed of the risks and counseled on the failure rates. But the surgeons of tooth implants in Sydney warn about the risks. Accordingly, the success rate of implants is around 90-95%. While there’s a 5-10% chances that teeth implant fail. The success of the implant is related to operator skill and quantity of the bone available. The implants are not prone to dental caries but they can develop periodontal condition if oral hygiene is not followed.

Laser dentistry is an innovative way of dealing with dental procedure and treatments. The majority of dentists have embraced this method since its inception. This is because it’s regarded as a more comfortable, easy, and quick way to treat oral problems. The laser produces a narrow focused light energy which […]

So you finally get your braces off, after many months or years, you can finally have that perfect smile that you have been waiting for! You look into the mirror and smile and notice that your teeth look amazing but there is still something amiss. You see that your teeth […]

Restorative dental care attempts to restore your dental health and brings back your smile confidence. The approach takes various therapeutic approaches to repair an area of tooth decay or replace missing or worn out teeth. Today we will help you to understand 4 major restorative dental techniques of top concerns. […]

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