Jawline implants surgery

Jawline implants surgery is a procedure that’s done to improve facial appearance. Besides that, the procedure might be done to correct jaw issues resulting from facial trauma or congenital deficiencies. Implants for medical procedures have evolved the last decade.

The Ideal Candidate for This Surgery  

Men and women who have small jaws. Some men want to bring out their masculinity by enhancing the size of their jaws. On the other hand, some women also want pronounced strong jaws like celebrities such as Angelina Jolie. Those who want to attain a visual balance by having more defined and angular jaws. A correctional procedure to fix trauma caused by accidents or injuries. 

How Jawline Implants Surgery is Performed 

Jawline Implants

Before the procedure, the patient and the doctor have to agree on the desired shape of the jawline. This surgery is normally conducted under general anesthesia. The surgeon will then make an incision inside the mouth of the patient. Thereafter, the implants will be inserted and positioned against the patient’s existing jawbone. Note that these implants are normally held by titanium screws.  It’s possible for this surgical procedure to be conducted alongside chin augmentation. This is important for attaining the perfect facial features balance. Doctors normally use Medpor implants for jawline surgery instead of silicone since they are more stable.  

Scaring and Possible Side Effects 

This surgical procedure is normally done inside the mouth. So, the patient will not have visible scars. However, you may experience swelling as a side effect. It tends to peak 24 hours after the surgery but is expected to go down after 48 hours. It takes several weeks for the surgery to heal so this means that you should expect visible results after a month. During the healing phase, expect to experience limited ability to move your mouth, talk, eat, and smile. So, it’s important to take into consideration your oral hygiene as well as your diet.


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