Free Emergency Dental Care

The supply for free dental care is dwarfed more than tenfold by demand. Click here to get more information about after hours dentists for emergency like this. Where can one get free emergency dental care?

What is a dental emergency?

Some dental treatments can wait for the dentist’s clinic to open, while others require immediate treatment. Depending on which tooth is injured, and the level of pain that is felt by the patient, one would be able to tell if the instance can be considered an emergency or not.

How can one avail of free emergency dental care?

Public dental clinics

free emergency dental care

These are run by the local or state health departments to provide routine dental services to people who cannot afford it. They usually get their funding by way of grants from the federal government. Some of these clinics also have emergency dentists who would be available on-call.

Free and non-profit dental clinics

These are clinics run by charities and professional dental care organizations to provide dental care to people who have low incomes and no insurance. The service will sometimes come at a price, but then they will always base what they would charge a patient depending on their capacity to pay.

Donated services

Some states have national charities that offer donated labor and materials to provide free dental care. Many of these do not require a patient to present any proof of income and they would try to treat as many people as possible. They would also offer services of on-call dentists for emergencies.

The key is to plan

After everything is said and done, it would be convenient for everyone to have a contingency plan ready for when these emergencies arise. Contact your local or state health department to get more information about available financial assistance programs.

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