Football Mouthguard For Kids: How Important Is It?


We know that active contact sports are good forms of exercise and leisure, but if a child is not participating safely, playing these activities can cause serious damage. That is why protective gears like helmets, cleats, and football mouth guard for kids are developed. In this article, let us discover how sports mouthguards in Sydney, Australia, for instance, is essential in keeping our child’s teeth in tiptop shape while playing.

Mouthguards: Why are they so important?

When playing contact sports, accidents can be expected. And one of the most common body parts that get affected by a fall or an impact is the mouth. But did you know that most players participating in active contact sports are not required to wear mouthguards as much as other protective gears like helmets, shin guards, shoulder pads, and other cushions that are already part of their uniform? This fact makes dental injuries after a game of football, for example, very common especially for kids.

Mouthguards are important because not only do they protect the teeth, they also give support and cushion to the jaws. Upon impact, the mouthguard absorbs the force or pressure directed to the mouth, saving the jaw from the impact.


Kinds of sports mouthguards

There are three common kinds of mouthguards. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing what’s best means getting what suits your needs and preference.

Stock mouthguards are the standard preformed kinds that are readily available in sporting goods and mall stores. They are cheap but its fit is bulky and a child may need to bite on it all the time for it to stay on the mouth.

football mouth guard for kidsBoil-and-bite mouth protector is another type that can be bought in drugstores and sports stores. Directions of use would require you to submerge the mouthguard in hot water to make it softer and pliable, then biting on it to make it personalized.

This is ideal for kids whose permanent teeth are just about to completely erupt because the process will let your kid change the fit of the mouthguard easily every time a tooth falls off or whatnot.

Then we have the custom-fitted mouthguards that are specially prepared by dentists. The mouthguard is meticulously molded using impressions of your dental cavity. A laboratory specializing in forming mouthguards fabricates your mouthguard based on your impression. Expect this type to be the most expensive type since a special material and customization process have been involved.


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