Crohn’s Mouth Ulcers

The effect of Crohn’s disease doesn’t only affect the digestive tract’s lining. This inflammatory bowel disease can also break around or in your mouth causing Crohn’s mouth ulcers. The condition may occur as a result of poor nutrition caused by low appetite or systemic inflammation caused by Crohn’s flare-ups. Besides that, medications prescribed for Crohn’s disease may also trigger it. You can click and visit this link for more information.

Symptoms of Crohn’s mouth ulcers 

This medical condition is characterized by canker sores around the base of your gums. The characteristics of these sores include: 

  • Ulcers with oval or round shape
  • A red border
  • Small sores with gray or yellow color
  • They occur in groups and they are painful

Apart from that, the patient may also experience other symptoms such as: 

Prevention Techniques and Home Remedies 

To prevent Crohn’s mouth ulcers, you need to find a way to prevent Crohn’s flare-ups. This means that you need to exercise often, ensure that you are well-hydrated, and eat healthy foods. Good oral hygiene is also important because it helps to prevent the development of gum disease. 

In case the ulcers are caused by nutritional deficiencies, then the doctor may recommend mineral and vitamin supplements. They include products with: 

  • Folate
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Zinc
  • Iron 

In case the ulcers aren’t open, you can swish a solution of salt and warm water. Don’t use a salt solution if the ulcers are open. This is because salt will increase the severity of the pain. 


crohn's mouth ulcers

Treatment usually involves a combination of drugs as well as home remedies. The medications include: 

  • Topical such as lidocaine, dexamethasone elixir, and triamcinolone.
  • Steroids to reduce inflammation caused by flare-ups. 

Note: if the ulcers are caused by Crohn’s medication, the doctor may adjust them so that they don’t lead to severe side effects.

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