If you’ve ever looked into improving your smile, it’s quite possible the word “Invisalign” entered your vocabulary. But, how can you know it’s the best option for you? Invisalign offers an opportunity for you to see the benefits of a better smile more quickly, more effectively, more hygienically, and more comfortably than the alternative - metal braces.

Yes, there may be a small additional cost when choosing Invisalign treatments; however, it is well worth the many benefits and faster results obtained. Many people aren’t aware that crooked teeth are more than a cosmetic issue – researchers have seen overall health benefits as well. Sure, straighter teeth are more attractive, but there are actual problems associated with misaligned teeth.

The most common cause of misaligned teeth is the overbite. Lantern jaw, or an under bite are less common, but, still pose a potential issue for people. There are even some people who have an extra set of teeth which start to erupt, pushing existing teeth into an odd position. Occasionally, such misalignment can be the result of an injury or frequent grinding/clenching. While the results can vary with Invisalign, the benefits are substantial.

People have been opting out of using metal braces for several reasons over the years. First, there’s the stigma that comes with having them – especially older adults who felt it was a social disease to wear them. Then, there were the uncomfortable attributes and restrictions placed on diet. They also require regular adjustments – a mildly painful procedure at best that had to be endured at least once, if not twice a month. In addition, the treatment could last for years. Metal braces also make it difficult to keep one's teeth clean. Tooth decay can be a frequent problem, which may go undetected since a dentist is unable to use X-ray equipment where metal is present.

The Invisalign method of orthodontic treatment has made old-fashioned braces seem like a thing of the past. The retainer system requires no adjustment – you simply return to your dentist or orthodontist every six weeks to get a new retainer as your teeth settle into a proper position. In addition, Invisalign retainers can be removed for eating and cleaning (though these are the only times they should be removed). The best part for many patients, though, is the fact that results can be seen in as little as 12 months.

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